Bipartisan effort incentivizes problem-solving in elections.

Voter Choice Arizona and Better Ballot Arizona congratulate the Governor’s Bipartisan Election Task Force, which voted on October 26th to approve numerous voting and election change proposals to recommend to the legislature. It is amazing what can happen when the incentive is problem-solving.  That’s why Arizona needs a top 5 general election ballot that allows voters to use ranked choice voting and shifts the incentive away from elected officials merely scoring political points for getting reelected. 

As reported in the Arizona Mirror:

The task force is made up of election officials and advocates and is led by former Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell. 

The goal of the committee was to make proposals to improve elections in Arizona, and that would garner bipartisan support in the legislature. Seventy-five percent of the group had to agree on each proposal for it to move forward. Some of the proposals would be implemented in the form of policies and procedures, and others would have to be submitted to the legislature for proposed changes to state law.  The proposals are on the following topics:

  • Voting Rights Restoration
  • Election Timeline Amendments to Ensure Timely Recounts
  • Funding for the state’s Access Voter Information Database
  • Disability Resource Liaison
  • Emergency Voting to Final Weekend Voting
  • Ballot Return Interference
  • Poll Worker Communication Platform
  • Incentives to Improve Poll Worker Recruitment
  • Annual Election Officer Certification Training
  • Election Fellowship Program
  • Comprehensive Website for Voter Information
  • Reconciliation Best Practices Guidelines
  • Election Security Advancements
  • Election Worker Code of Conduct
  • Provisional Ballot Form as Voter Registration Form
  • Cross-County Voter Registration

A detailed final report was published Nov. 1.

Kathy Knecht


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