When September 24, 2021 at 4:00pm 1 hr

Better Outcomes for a Better Arizona
With Ranked Choice Voting

Arizonans across the political spectrum are frustrated by the repeated failure of our elected leaders to move our state forward. Ranked choice voting is a better way to elect better leaders. Come join us and find out why.

What To Expect:

Learn where, when and how Ranked Choice Voting works in all kinds of elections

  • Learn how Ranked Choice Voting can work in conjunction with other election reforms
  • Try it out! in our fun demonstrations
  • Discover the far-reaching benefits that lead to more satisfied voters and more civil politics
  • Learn how to explain and promote this future-altering model to others

This is the RSVP for the in person event. If you would like to attend the online zoom meeting instead, RSVP at https://voterchoicearizona.org/education-event-online

Will you come?