Current and Former Arizona elected officials have come together from across the political spectrum to endorse Ranked Choice Voting as a better way to conduct elections that work for everyone

Art Babbott

Fmr Flagstaff City councilman, Fmr Coconino County Supervisor
"Just as our economy is based on competition and the marketplace of good ideas, so too should our electoral system.  Ranked Choice Voting promotes electoral competition and gets us away from the "lesser of two evils" voting mentality.  RCV can help our democracy get back to problem solving instead of playing hyper partisan political games"

Ken Clark

Fmr Dem State Representative
"Ranked Choice Voting is one of the most important reforms that we can make in our local elections, which could repair the damage to our democracy and even our torn social fabric. Try it! It is the most intuitive and fair way to vote"

Dr. Heather Carter

Fmr Rep State Representative
Former Arizona State Senator, Dr. Heather Carter endorses Ranked Choice Voting for use in local, state, and federal elections. Arizona voters deserve more choices in the political process which will ensure outcomes that more accurately reflect the fabric of our great state.

Lauren Kuby

Tempe City Councilwoman
Lauren Kuby endorses Ranked Choice Voting because it better reflects the will of the voters and, in local elections, avoids costly run-off elections.

Bart Turner

Glendale City Council
"Ranked Choice Voting allows you to vote for your favorite candidate without worrying you may be opening the door for your least favorite candidate to win.  Winners are determined in one election with no need for runoff elections held many months later at additional expense."