Where We Are and How We Got Here

In 2020, a determined group of ordinary Arizonans embarked on a mission to improve our electoral process, aiming to empower voters with more choice and influence through Ranked Choice Voting. You know us as Voter Choice Arizona.

Right from the start, we sought guidance from renowned national experts in the field. Above all, these experts issued a resounding cautionary message: the journey ahead would be difficult.

Our exploration during the last few months with Save Democracy has not yielded the joint ballot initiative we had been working toward. Despite this, we remain committed to our shared mission to provide better governance to all Arizonans. We look forward to continuing this vital work. 

Final Five Voting

Our conviction remains strong that there are three essential components to a better electoral process:

  • Equalizing signature requirements for all candidates
  • Reforming the primary election so that all candidates appear on one ballot and all registered voters can participate
  • Utilizing Ranked Choice Voting for the general election consisting of the top five candidates from the primary

Working in combination, these three reforms are known as "Final Five Voting."

The Path Forward

Save Democracy will be pursuing an initiative focused on equalizing signature requirements and reforming the primaries.

Voter Choice Arizona will be working in parallel to ensure that all three components of Final Five Voting become a reality for our state. We are carefully considering all available options, thoroughly verifying their viability, and establishing solid foundations for our plans.

As we finalize new target dates and strategies, VCAZ will begin a messaging campaign to reiterate how easy RCV is and why all three components of Final Five Voting are essential. We will continue educating, fundraising, and hosting regular meet-ups (we hope you'll join us).

Our Purpose

This transformative change in how we elect our officials has always been centered around the needs of the voters, not the politicians. Our organization is strong. Our team is extraordinary. Our mission is clear. 

With your help, we will bring Arizonans the electoral reforms they deserve.