What’s Next for the RCV Movement? 


The RCV movement only continues to grow day by day. As of now, there will be two states voting on RCV in 2024: Oregon and Nevada. Nevadans passed their Final Five Voting initiated constitutional amendment back in 2022 by about 53% to 47%, but due to their state constitution mandating citizen-initiated constitutional amendments to be passed in successive elections, voters will be deciding on it again in 2024

State legislators in Oregon have made it the most recent state to include RCV on the ballot for 2024. A small handful of places already use the system in Oregon, like Corvallis, with Portland scheduled to start using RCV in its elections next year. 

From Alaska and Maine, we can follow their playbooks and lessons learned from their campaigns. Thanks to these states, there is now a national discussion of this topic, and organizations in nearly every state working towards the adoption of RCV. Make sure to find yours today and get involved! 


RCV is the future of American elections, and we are just beginning to see the wave crash against our broken first-past-the-post system.


About the author: Auston Collings is a Tucson native who works as a Regional Grassroots Organizer at Voter Choice Arizona. He is a rising sophomore at Yale University majoring in Environmental Studies.

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