Dear Voter Choice Arizona Supporters:

Election reform is all over the news.  But where is Voter Choice Arizona, and what about Ranked Choice Voting?

We hope to answer your questions here and now.

Bad systems beat good people. That’s why "Arizonans for a Better Ballot" will soon file for a 2024 constitutional initiative incorporating equalized signatures, open primaries, AND ranked choice voting.

A different initiative that was filed last week includes provisions for equalizing signatures and ending partisan primaries.  When it comes to ranked choice voting, though, that initiative puts the adoption of RCV into the hands of legislators who could decide to make the general election a top-five, four, or -  most likely - top-two, which, if you’ve seen our presentation, you know would not alleviate the spoiler effect or negative campaigning, wouldn’t increase healthy competition, would shut-out independents,  and wouldn't provide Arizonans the choices they deserve. We believe the future of elections in Arizona belongs in the hands of the voters, not the politicians.

RCV has been our primary focus since 2020. Multiple polls by The Center for the Future of Arizona, Unite America, and Arizona State University found that a majority of Arizonans want RCV. We plan to deliver it.

This effort will be daunting, requiring 500k+ signatures, an army of committed volunteers, and funding, but the time is now.

Our partner organization, Better Ballot AZ, will be leading the efforts on the enactment plan. Voter Choice Arizona will continue to educate voters about why all three components of the better ballot initiative are imperative.

We believe that all voters, including independents, need more choice and more voice. The Better Ballot initiative includes all three components of comprehensive election reform. Anything less is just not sufficient.


In Solidarity,


Kazz Fernandes

Executive Director

Voter Choice Arizona

Kazz Fernandes


Perpetual Learner📚Kazz is originally from Chicago but has lived in the Greater PHX areas for 6+ years. In 2020 he began working as an electoral organizer focusing on increasing youth voter turnout. He now focuses on Electoral reform within the state of AZ