Voter Choice Arizona is led by an all-volunteer Executive team that includes Richard Cook, Blake Sacha, Kathy Knecht, Eric Varela, Kazz Fernandes, Sean Krieg, and David Tinnow. Supported by state, local, and national partners, including Rank the Vote, FairVote, Unite America, Represent Us, Voters First Arizona, and Save Democracy AZ.

VCAZ's volunteer teams include:

  • Live Outreach (Team Leads:  Betsy Boggia & Krista Potenza)
  • Volunteer Onboarding (Interim Team Lead: Richard Cook)
  • Fundraising (Interim Team Leads: Kazz Fernandes & Griffin Gosnell)
  • Marketing  & Social Media (Team Lead: Eric Varela)
  • Policy & Research (Team Lead: Jeff Wattier)
  • Endorsements (Team Leads: Blake Sacha & Kathy Knecht)
  • Speakers Bureau (Team Lead: Benjamin Bossler)
  • Tech & Data (Team Lead: Mike Drum)

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Statewide Organizer


Enrique Davis-Mazlum, grew up in Ambos Nogales (Sonora & Arizona). He received a Bachelor of Arts with a triple major in Political Science, Mexican American Studies, and International Studies from the University of Arizona, he has a Master's in Public Administration and Public Policy,  from Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico City, he was awarded an Honoris Causa Doctorate in 2016 from Claustro Iberoamericano, and is PhD candidate from Centro de Estudios Políticos de Acción Afirmativa (CEPAF) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He had his interview program called Encara2, where he conducted over 60 interviews, he is a political analyst and has collaborated with Univision, Telemundo, CNN, Milenio, Multimedios, Latinovations, and other media networks. He has participated in and defined strategy in political campaigns in the US, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Enrique is the author of the book "Grassroots: The Sleeping Giant" (1st edition in English, and 2nd edition in Spanish). 

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