That’s what The Ranked Choice Voting reform effort is all about. We have a vision for change in our electoral system that will empower citizens to have more choice, more voice and better outcomes for Arizona.


As we make decisions about how we do business, who we partner with, and how we manage our resources, we maintain high standards of honesty, dependability, trust, responsiveness, accountability and commitment.


Ensuring that every vote truly counts is why Ranked Choice Voting is so important. Our work is political, but non-partisan. We work to level the playing field for all candidates, instill satisfaction with the process for all voters, and bring more civility and less vitriol to campaigning. We unequivocally champion diversity and inclusion of all people, and appreciate independent thinking.


We know our success depends on our ability to communicate well within our organization, to our external stakeholders, and the public. We strive to be clear and concise experts in the field of Ranked Choice Voting; to be open, forthcoming, and transparent; and to foster an environment in which people always feel comfortable asking questions and offering input.


We are proud of our relationships with national and in-state partners who are working with us toward the adoption of Ranked Choice Voting and better outcomes for Arizona. Collaboration and bridge-building makes us more effective and more efficient. As an organization, we celebrate our team members - their diverse backgrounds and experiences; and their time and energy committed to the mission


We are not daunted by the challenges of bringing important changes to the people of Arizona. We know that everything important is hard, and that the right thing and the easy thing are rarely the same. We believe that by staying focused on our vision, executing our mission with fidelity, and staying true to our values, we will be successful in our efforts.