Improve our elections so that voters have more choice and more voice, for better governance and a better Arizona


We are a non-partisan group of mostly volunteers donating their own time and financial support for essential tools. Are you ready to help us bring better ballots to Arizona? Sign up to get more information about how to volunteer!

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Our Mission Statement 

"Educating Arizona voters about how better ballots will improve elections, give them more voice and more choice, and lead to better outcomes for our state." 


  • “better ballots” means primary ballots on which all qualified candidates have equal access, and all voters can vote and a general election of their preference.
  • "improve our elections" means reduced negative campaigning, eliminating the spoiler effect and costly runoffs.
  • “more choice” refers specifically to Ranked Choice Voting. 
  • “more voice” means access to the ballot for candidates and voters.
  • “better governance” means with these reforms, elected officials will be more incentivized to solve problems and be accountable to the broader electorate.


Our Vision

Arizona voters with more voice and more choice.



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