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Voter Choice Arizona aims to improve our elections so that voters have more choice and more voice, for better governance and a better Arizona.

We are a non-partisan group operated 100% by volunteers donating their own time and financial support for essential tools. Are you ready to help us get Ranked Choice Voting in Arizona? Sign up to get more information about how to volunteer!


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Better Outcomes for a Better Arizona

When 7 days to go September 24, 2021 at 4:00pm 1 hr

Better Outcomes for a Better Arizona
With Ranked Choice Voting

Arizonans across the political spectrum are frustrated by the repeated failure of our elected leaders to move our state forward. Ranked choice voting is a better way to elect better leaders. Come join us and find out why.

What To Expect:

Learn where, when and how Ranked Choice Voting works in all kinds of elections

  • Learn how Ranked Choice Voting can work in conjunction with other election reforms
  • Try it out! in our fun demonstrations
  • Discover the far-reaching benefits that lead to more satisfied voters and more civil politics
  • Learn how to explain and promote this future-altering model to others

This is the RSVP for the in person event. If you would like to attend the online zoom meeting instead, RSVP at

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Join Voter Choice AZ to get ranked-choice voting in Arizona!
Join Voter Choice AZ to get ranked-choice voting in Arizona!